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Advanced Deal of the Day

Opencart Advanced Deal of the Day v.1.0 Main Features: 1. Separate page with all current, upcoming and expired deals2. Display stock status - yes/no3. display deal if quantity=0 - yes/no4. display deal on top as featured (checkbox - yes/no)5. Language pack for timer6. Slightly changed design of the deal box7. Dimensions (width/height) for current, upcoming and expired deals)8. Display No. of Items Bought UPCOMING DEALS - timer counts down the time to the start date/time of the deal. It also d..

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Information Page Image

Opencart Information Page Image Tested on Opencart v.1.5.x.x This extension allow you to upload images for Information pages using Opencart Image Manager. You can upload image very easily and it dont require any HTML coding knowledge. Earlier you have to add images using HTML Editor within the information content and place them using HTML code. ..


Opencart Category Banner-Slideshow (VQMOD)

Opencart Category Banner-Slideshow (VQMOD)This module is really useful to display different Banner/Slideshow on different category page. Normally same slideshow display on each page. Its VQMOD extension, so no core file will change (for default theme). NOTE: This extension works with only Opencart default slideshow module. So if you have any other Slideshow module (Layer Slider, etc) then I will not give any FREE Support to make this module works with them...

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Opencart Google Trusted Store (VQMOD)

Opencart Google Trusted Store (VQMOD)NOW SUPPORT MULTI STORE Opencart Version: 1.5.x.x to 2.0.x.x All changes are done by using VQMOD (2.5.1 or higher) so it's required to have vqmod installed. ========================================================================= Important: Read all the instructions before buy. Your store must comply to Google Trusted Store policy. No refund will be given in case of that. Main ..

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Order PDF to Admin Email (VQMOD)

Opencart Order PDF to Admin Email for OC on Opencart v. onlyThis extension allows Store owners to receive the Order PDF as attachment to their Admin Email. This very useful for Store Owners to view and print the very well formatted Order details. This way they dont have to give their Store Admin access to unauthorized employees to ship the Order.You can also view the Products Image in the PDF.Requirements:======================================================================..


Partners Ads Lead Tracking (VQMOD)

Opencart Partners Ads Lead Tracking Denmark (VQMOD)License: Commercial Opencart Version: 1.5.x.x All changes are done by using VQMod so it's required to have vqmod installed. Admin demo : user : demo pass : demo Frontend Demo: Create a Test Order and check Order Status Page "view source" on Main Features: 1. Add Partners-Ads lead tracking code on Order Success page. 2. Very easy to integrate. Just a single vqmod fil..

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XTrader Order Tracking API

Xtrader Order Tracking APILicense: Single Domain CommercialOpencart Version: 1.5.x.xMain Features:1. Query to get dispatched order info status and tracking number.2. Automatically update order status by adding order history and notify customer.3. No opencart core files overwrite.4. Enable/Disable or Remove anytime you want.Available settings:1. Enter Xtrader Account ID, Account Password, License Code, Order Status, Notify Customer from Admin.2. Enable/Disable any time you want.Requir..