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Advanced Deal of the Day

Opencart Advanced Deal of the Day v.1.0 Version - 1.5.4.x, 1.5.5.x, 1.5.6.xMain Features: 1. Separate page with all current, upcoming and expired deals2. Display stock status - yes/no3. display deal if quantity=0 - yes/no4. display deal on top as featured (checkbox - yes/no)5. Language pack for timer6. Slightly changed design of the deal box7. Dimensions (width/height) for current, upcoming and expired deals)8. Display No. of Items Bought UPCOMING DEALS - timer counts down the time to the sta..


Chilexpress Shipping (Nacional)

Opencart Chilexpress Shipping (Nacional)Versions: 1.5.x.x DEMO : (use Chile city-state-zipcode in Shipping Address on Checkout page) This extension allows you to get Opencart Chilexpress Shipping (Nacional) shipping rates. Very useful for calculation shipping for Chile customers. You can add Additional Cost to the shipping rates...